From our Assistant Principal

It is an honour to serve the Pacific Coast community as Assistant Principal. One of my primary responsibilities at Pacific Coast is to manage Student Welfare and Discipline in a whole school setting. Welfare at Pacific Coast encompasses the safety of all students in our care, their spiritual, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. The approach at Pacific Coast is to look beyond the visible to see what God can do in the lives of our students.

At Pacific Coast, we expect our students to work hard and achieve strong academic outcomes. We want our students to have the opportunity to undertake tertiary education and realise their vocational dreams. We want them excel on the sporting field and explore their gifts in the creative and performing arts. These are the fundamental aspirations of any school and at Pacific Coast we do these things well. The vast majority of our school leavers in 2015 have embarked on further education at University. In 2016 and beyond, that will continue.

That is not, however, the sole objective of a student’s education at Pacific Coast. Academic, sporting and artistic excellence in itself is not enough. Juxtaposed with these outcomes are the virtues that stay with a child long after they have left school. These include compassion, gratitude, courage, humility and justice. These values are caught, not taught, yet they remain the things that sustain a student’s life long after leaving school.

Our aim at Pacific Coast is to nurture happy, joyful, gracious young men and women. I want them to appreciate their life as a gift from God and to be thankful for the gifts of others. Our desire in educating students at Pacific Coast is to guide them to become people of character and integrity, so they are equipped to live outstanding lives to the glory of God. Central to this aim is the role of Mission and Service.

Mission and Service continue to underpin life at Pacific Coast. As a Christian learning community, Mission activities have become a genuine distinctive of the School. I am excited this year to lead our first student team to Hong Kong and China in September. This is only one of the myriad trips planned over the next three years. Missions to the Outback, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Cambodia will enable our students to genuinely step out and put the words of Jesus into practice: which is to ‘shine their light towards others’.

I am exceptionally proud of the students at Pacific Coast Christian School. They are honest, kind and servant hearted. They have a generosity of spirit that sets them apart, and a joyous demeanour that makes them a pleasure to be around. We will always be a school that values students and their learning and truly sees them as a ‘heritage from the Lord’.

Patrick Donnelly
Assistant Principal