Pacific Coast Christian School is a place where we aim to develop an environment where Christian principles and lifestyle go hand in hand with education and excellence.

We aim to encourage each student to become the person that God wants them to be in every area of their lives. This involves not only learning in the classroom , but also sporting and artistic activities as well as service in the community and on mission both at home and overseas. We also encourage respect and integrity in the classroom, the playground and in the community.

The staff and teachers of PCCS work hard to support, encourage and help all students and their families to become valued members of a strong and vibrant school community.

The latest development of the New Hope school which provides education for students with special needs, has been a great encouragement to many families.

Max Maddock | Board Chairman

Executive Principal

We thank God for the students, parents and staff of Pacific Coast Christian School. The Board under the leadership of Mr Max Maddock continues to be a very effective governing body. During 2015 the Board was joined by Mr Greg Mashiah.

The School has been very effectively assisted by the Association of Independent Schools as well as by Pacific Hills Christian School in Sydney. The School continues to be blessed by continuing financial support for capital works from the Commonwealth Government.

During 2014 the School received approval from BOSTES and the NSW Department of Education and Communities for establishment in 2015 of Pacific Hope School specifically for children with Autism and children with moderate intellectual delay.

The School continues to engage in a great number of service activities in the local community and in mission activities overseas. This commitment to serve the needs of others has allowed Pacific Coast Christian School to grow stronger in its expression of its beliefs and values as a Christian school community.

Dr E J Boyce | Executive Principal
Principal, Pacific Hills Christian School
President, Morling Education
Executive Principal, Pacific Coast Christian School
Executive Principal, Pacific Valley Christian School

Greg Mashiah
Manager Water Cycle, Clarence Valley Council

Sandra Dumas
Pastor at Ganggalah Church
Administrative Manager of Ganggalah Training Centre
Executive Management Director, Ganggalah Aboriginal Arts
Certified Trainer & Assesor
Dip in Ministry
Dip in Case Management
Dip in Social Welfare

Benjamin Seumahu
Chartered Accountant

Board Structure

Pacific Coast Christian School is operated by the company Pacific Education Holdings Ltd.

This company:

  • is a not for profit Public company
  • is limited by guarantee
  • has a Board of Directors made up of Christians from a number of denominations and churches.

Directors are appointed by the Board to fill casual vacanices or elected by the Membership at the company’s Annual General Meeting (held in May each year). Initial terms of Board membership are for three years. Directors may be re elected for a further term of three years.The Board comprises directors with a broad range of gifts and professional expertise, who volunteer their time (other than the Principal). There is a balance between those with a direct involvement in Pacific Hills (as parents) and those with involvement in other key areas of service. This helps to broaden the Board's understanding of key issues.

The Board appoints a Chief Executive Officer (the Principal) who is charged with the daily operational responsibilities of the School. The Board focuses its agenda to matters of company policy and of providing direction to the CEO about the future Vision of the School and to developing plans towards achieving that vision.

If you would like to read a brief synopsis of the Carver model of governance please download the PDF file below.

Download this file (Governance_Model_Carver.pdf)Governance_Model_Carver.pdf[Carver Governance Model]12 kB