Vision & Values

The purpose of Pacific Coast Christian School is to provide a Christian educational community as a centre of teaching, learning and serving excellence founded on biblically based beliefs, values and behaviour.

The vision and values of a community form the foundations from which decisions are made. For this reason Pacific Coast Christian School intentionally upholds the following statements:

  • We desire to start and end with knowing God in all our endeavours. To this end staff, will be appointed who are committed to live worshipfully under God. They will intentionally live under the authority of God’s word and interpret it thoroughly and reasonably with the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

  • We will strive to help each child achieve their God given potential, by providing appropriate educational opportunities according to each one’s abilities.

  • We endeavour to nurture, encourage and train students:

    • into a love of learning and a desire for excellence.
    • to accept personal responsibility for themselves.
    • to act within an ethos of service towards others
    • to display an understanding of God’s perspective.

We uphold safe relationships through being just and fair according to Biblical principles. We strive to be compassionate and merciful as God is to us in all aspects of school life.

What makes Pacific Coast Christian School unique?

  • Your children are encouraged to develop their gifts and abilities to their fullest potential by teachers who really care for your child.

  • We provide an affordable, quality education for all families, emphasising Christian values within a caring Christian environment.

  • Our fully trained Christian teachers deliver a comprehensive curriculum approved by the Board of Studies teaching and educational standards (BOSTES).