Junior School


I am truly honoured to lead the Junior School of Pacific Coast Christian School and am looking forward to working with you, the parents, and the dedicated staff to provide the best possible educational program and care for your children.
We look forward to forging strong and lasting relationships with you, as together we support your children on their learning journey at Pacific Coast Pacific Coast Christian School.
We are passionate about providing quality teaching and learning within a Christian environment.

Klaus Knobloch


Literacy - Reading & Spelling Mastery
When you give students a stronger foundation in learning skills and comprehension, you prepare them for a future without boundaries. Reading mastery is a comprehensive, research based program which has been developed to ensure all children become successful readers. Reading and spelling mastery programs cater for students’ individual needs by assessing their current abilities and then systematically teaching skills and strategies so that all students can develop from wherever they are, into confident and competent readers, writers and spellers. This program gives children strategies and develops reading skills through systematic, small steps that make it possible for all children to be successful readers in a timely manner. The results are proven, the possibilities are endless.

Mathematics - Connecting maths concepts
Students also participate in a program of learning similar to reading mastery, but for mathematics. This program develops the students incrementally and systematically ensuring that there are no gaps in their learning.

At Pacific Coast Christian School the State government has provided more than $400,000 to strategically and systematically implement this program. Our teachers have had intensive training and we are currently implementing this comprehensive and thorough reading and mathematics program.

We are passionate about developing students as life-long learners; students who are excited about their own learning and teachers who facilitate students to achieve success.

At Pacific Coast Christian School we are committed to ensuring your child has the opportunity to engage in a wide range of sporting activities. Students are able to participate in a variety of sports on a rotational basis, including, tennis, AFLl, soccer, gymnastics, dancing and cricket. These sports are conducted in and out of school time some of these sports are funded by the Federal government and enable all students to participate. Some of our students have achieved success in state and national competitions.

Students are able to choose a musical instrument and participate in group tuition. From Year Five, all students have the opportunity to join the school band and have private tuition for a nominal fee.

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