Mission & Service

At Pacific Coast, we are passionate about working together to care for others in need. As we care for others as part of our national and international communities, we participate in mission. Working together in mission challenges us to think outside of ourselves and to think more broadly about the wider communities we are a part of. Mission is national and international service to our community.

Students and staff participate in serving other communities. Each year, students from Year Five to Ten attend a mission trip. This includes visiting other Christian schools and communities to serve them in meaningful and supportive ways. In the process of this service, student’s hearts begin to be transformed.

As part of this process, the act of service is critical in shaping how children view themselves within a community. Service enables a child, to understand who they are ‘being’, and how they ‘belong’ to a community. Serving enables children to work with others as part of a team. Working in a team teaches a child that they have strengths and weaknesses. Each child is gifted with their own ability to contribute to the team and there are others who have strengths they do not, this understanding begins to create humility which leads to empathy. When an individual understands their strengths and also their weaknesses, they develop an understanding of who they are within a community.

Franklin Roosevelt says, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”
Some of our destinations include; Northern Territory, Western Australia, Goondiwindi, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, India, Nepal, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Please contact the Assistant Principal to enquire about upcoming trips.

Community Service

Pacific Coast Christian School is intentional about incorporating community service into every aspect of your child’s education. We are passionate about serving our local, national and international community. Service in the community teaches students to think outside of themselves, to be thankful for what they have and to develop a sense of belonging to the community in which they live.

Junior School students are encouraged to write messages of gratitude to our local servicemen and emergency services. Junior and Senior School students also collect cans and participate in a variety of fun activities to raise funds for various groups the school has partnered with. The community organisations and missions the school supports include You Have A Friend, Canteen, Compassion, Samaritans Purse, Transform the Nations and World Vision.

Senior School students have a variety of opportunities to participate in community service during the school day. Students are able to visit local retirement homes including Fairways, support the elderly through Telecross phone calls and make food for You Have A Friend. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the 40 hour famine.

Pacific Coast is intentional and dedicated to teaching your child the act of service and we believe this begins a process of transformation, creating hopeful and dedicated leaders who love serving Jesus. Students learn to be passionate about their communities and find fun and creative ways to serve others.


At Pacific Coast Christian School, culture is celebrated. The school has up to twenty nationalities currently represented in the student population. We believe that this brings richness and understanding to our students. Pacific Coast is committed to supporting and promoting equality in the community. Our NAIDOC day is the best in the region and our students have been asked to visit other schools to perform at their NAIDOC celebrations. Please phone the school office if you would like to visit our next NAIDOC celebration.

Partner Organisations

Pacific Coast Christian School partners with various Local, National and International churches and organisations including:

Samaritans Purse
Thai education
Transform the Nations
Pac Assist

Solomons Island
Hong Kong