Students are supported at Pacific Coast Christian School in their physical capabilities and gifting. There are a variety of sports and sporting opportunities at Pacific Coast Christian School. Our students have enjoyed success at state and national level in athletics, swimming, touch football, and soccer. Each year a number of our students are selected for state and national teams and perform at state and national competitions. At Pacific Coast, staff and teachers are focused on supporting the gifts your child has been given.

In the last two years, a team of approximately 15 students from Junior and Senior school, have travelled to the regional competition for athletics and swimming. For a small school competing against up to 20 other schools; Pacific Coast have ranked second or third. This is a testimony to the quality of students and coaching received. Staff are dedicated and passionate about supporting young people in achieving their dreams, in such a nurturing supportive environment our students thrive.

Students also participate in inter-school sporting gala-day competitions for other team sports such as soccer, cricket, AFL and netball. Our senior school students have been training to participate in the cross-country gala.

Our Junior school Sports master has coordinated after school training for a variety of seasonal sports, including touch football, soccer and AFL.

There are currently a number of team sports including, Basketball and Football. As the school continues to grow the opportunities for sporting teams will continue to increase. Please ask on enrolment for current options.

Basketball Development Program

The school has a basketball development program beginning in Year 7, Junior and Senior school. The team trains on Monday at lunch and two afternoons a week. Students are supported in competitions throughout the term. Each team has the opportunity to participate in competitive games between local schools. In 2015, our students competed against schools in Northern NSW and achieved an offer to compete in Sydney at a state level. Excellence in the sporting arena is fostered and the Pacific Coast Christian School is pleased with the display of character when competing at an elite level.