• 11 Year Anniversary

    11th anniversary

  • Anzac Day Commemorations 2018

    Thank you to all students and families who proudly participated in the ANZAC Day march on April 25th to honour those who served our country. We had over 70 students represent our school as Kristen Doniger address the assembly of over 2000 people. Thank you to our school leaders who led students in the march.

  • Athletics Carnival - Wednesday 12 June

    rjs1 9rfk 160804Years 2-12 will be participating in the annual Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 12 June at Walter Peate Oval, Kingscliff. Students are encouraged to travel with their parents to and from the carnival. 

  • Beenleigh Historical Village - Stage 2

    beeleigh historicalhistorical 4historical 3On Wednesday last week we went to Burleigh Historical Village. It was so much fun. We went to the old school, jail, and museum and movie room. I loved the museum the most because it had old dolls, medical bed and a big bell. I learnt that in the old days they did not have the technology we have now.  It was the best excursion I’ve ever been had. Also I learnt that if you were naughty you would get smacked with the cane. The cane is a bamboo stick that is thick like a branch from a palm tree. The school has a big bell like the museum. When it rights that means you come in a to a class and work for the 6 hours. Also they did not have any shoes to wear. They went to school bear food and they wore suspenders, and dress pants.

    A recount by Tyson Erich , Year 3

    Last week we went on an excursion to Beenleigh Historial Village in QLD. My favourite part of the excursion was when we went to the wood works and I got a piece of wood. I learnt that chopping wood is very, very, very hard even when there is two people, it is still very hard.

    A recount by Izabella Beadling, Year 3

  • Choir

    This wonderful group of enthusiastic students have been meeting at 2-00pm on a Monday afternoon. Ainslie Ruben accompanies the choir. At the moment we have 30 students who represented The School at the Murwullimbah Festival of Performing Arts. They gained a highly recommended place. The choir behaved in a manner that bought honour to God and our school.


    choir custom

  • Easter Service 2019

    crossAll welcome to our Easter Service on Tuesday 9th of April. 

  • Farmers Appeal Goondiwindi

    PCCS and PHS raised over $2500 to support the farmers out west who are doing it really tough. It hasn’t rained in over 9 months and there is no green feed left. Luckily, the funds that were raised purchased 4.5 tons of grassy lucern hay which we trucked out. The teamwere also able to install five water tanks, ready for the rains to come. The farmer and his wife were incredibly grateful for the wonderful supportour two schools had provided.IMG_0377.jpeg




  • Fiddler on the Roof

     fid.gifFiddler on the Roof ! A tale of community, sacrificial love and family. With Jewish, dances,costumes and traditions this musical was bought to life by the students from Year 5-12. With a cast of 40, choir of 40 and wonderful sound and lighting technicians and backstage crew this was a community event worth celebrating..




  • Footsteps For Food Fundraiser

    On Wednesday 7th of June 53 Senior School students participated in Footsteps for Food. They walked from Currumbin to Coolangatta. They raised $1,200 to support “You Have a Friend,” a local charity that provides support for vulnerable people in our area.We Can Day collected 1200 cans from all areas of our school. We were privileged to supply these to You Have a Friend. We love seeing our students making a difference in our local community.

  • Girl's Netball

    netball 1
    The Junior School girls had fantastic day at the Tweed Cup Junior Netball on 7th of May at Arkinstall Park.Thank you to all our parents who volunteer their time to train our PCCS girls. 

  • Hong Kong Exchange Program

    hong kong 7hong kong 2hong kong 5In November we set off with 9 students and 3 staff members for an Exchange Program to Hong Kong with our Sister School, UCCKE. An amazing opportunity to view how students live in Hong Kong. Our children came home thankful and loved the experience and the opportunity Pacific Coast offered. 

  • Hong Kong Student Exchange

    We recently hosted ten students from Hong Kong who were on student exchange for eight weeks this term. These delightful students are from our partner Primary School, Baptist Lui Ming where Mr Krahe and Mr Zylstra had the opportunity to visit last April. Our students also visited in the September holidays. One of our Year 11 students also went to Hong Kong on student exchange for 6 weeks. Our partner school in Hong Kong, United Christian College Kowloon East also took her on a mission trip to Thailand.


  • Intensive Swimming Lessons

    swimming lessonsA friendly reminder: Our Intesive swimming lessons have begun again! Please ensure your child/ren have their swimming gear.

  • Japanese Students visit Pacific Coast

    2016 02 08 japanses students visit 0123 students from Aoyama Gakuin University have come to explore different cultures and Australian life at Pacific Coast Christian School. They will spend most of their time in the school community but two days a week will travel to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the Gold Coast, Cavill Ave, Movieworld and other tourist hotspots. When asked what they were looking forward to Yuki Kigwa said he was looking forward to “seeing Australian animals”, Mao Kamioka want to eat kangaroo and Minami Harano looks forward to seeing the beautiful stars of the Tweed Valley, “In Tokyo you cannot see the stars because of the city lights” The Principal, Mr Ben Krahe said, “We are thrilled to have international visitors in our school community. Our Japanese students provide many exciting and meaningful experiences when interacting with our students. The students learn from each other and our Junior school students particularly love origami”

  • Junior School Cross Country

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    With dubious weather on Friday, Junior Coast and Hope students took part in our annual Cross-Country event. Starting off with 12 years boys, it was wonderful to see all children excitedly cheering on their classmates at the finish lines and parents who came to support our school community. When students had finished their races, they were quickly found by the inflatables which ensured no one was left out, followed by a free sausage sizzle for lunch. A special thank you to Mr Jenkins who orchestrated the Cross Country event and Jo who organised the very much appreciated, hot lunch. It is always pleasing to have parents and friends join us on these days as we continue to build our school community.

  • Monday 10th June - Public Holiday

    facebook and websiteMonday 10th of June is a Public Holiday, please note PCCS and PHS will be closed. 

  • NAIDOC DAY 2019

    naidoc poster 2019Pacific Coast and Pacific Hope will be celebrating NAIDOC Day on Tuesday 2 July. Students are encouraged to wear Indigenous colours and bring a gold coin donation, all funds will be donated to missions.

  • Pacific Coast celebrates it's 9th Birthday

    April is the 9th Birthday of Pacific Coast Christian School and to celebrate, the school threw a party with over 500 cupcakes for the staff and students. At inception, the school had 119 students and 14 teachers, which has now grown into a school of 420 students including our Hope School students and 67 staff. Amy has progressed through the school from Kinder to Year 12 and is now the School Captain with John. In their speeches both students said that "Pacific Coast meant a family and belonging, not just a community. Pacific Coast is a place where we look after each other."



  • Pacific Post - Term 2

  • Pacific Streams is here!

    2018 08 28 pacific streams winter promoHot off the press! The Winter 2018 edition of Pacific Streams places the spotlight on the dynamic of collaboration and teamwork – between teachers and parents, teachers and support staff, and parents and their children – and highlights the numerous benefits to working in cooperation with each other throughout the Pacific Group of Schools to achieve common goals.​ Happy reading!

  • State Athletics - Junior School

    Congratulations to our 4 Junior School students who travelled to Sydney to compete in the State Athletics today. We are so proud of you!


  • Vanuatu Study Tour

    2015 11 28 vanuatu study tour 01On the 23rd November 2015, nine Vanuatu teachers flew into Brisbane airport to begin a study tour in Northern NSW. These teachers are from the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila and teach their in a small school of 300 students. Recently teachers from Pacific Coast Christian School visited to assist these teachers in implementing a research based literacy program to assist Ni-van students improve in their literacy as a continuation of this learning the teachers have come to Pacific Coast Christian School to observe teachers practicing the Reading mastery program.

    In this time a very emotional and symbolic meeting of the Southsea Islander community was held at the Chinderah memorial for the Islander families who had been black birded earlier in the century. This meeting was a time of healing and celebration of culture which members of the community really appreciated. Some of the Vanuatu teachers found they were related to families living in Australia.

    “It is a great privilege and honour to be able to coordinate and support our closest Island neighbours in Vanuatu. In this time the Seaside school teachers were honoured guests at a fundraising dinner held by Pac Assist, with the purpose of raising $10,000 to assist in building a school in Espirito Santo, Vanuatu.”

    Eve Krahe

  • Vision Night 2019

    A fun and informative evening which created an event for families to connect with their child's teachers in a relaxed enviroment 


    canned soup in decline across europe and australia wrbm largeCans will be counted and collected on Tuesday 25 June. This will help the Homeless in the Tweed area. The classroom in Junior School and Senior School to provide the most cans wins a pizza lunch!