Society Insists by Annaleise Curtis

This term students in the Extension English classes participated in an ‘Imagine If’ poetry competition to celebrate the library theme of ‘Imagination’. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding poems: first place: Kruze Wilkin (Year 10), Annaleise Curtis (Year 9) and Tylar Pinniger (Year 8). Highly Commended: Alyssa Jackman, Arielle Holland, Amy Wyatt, Cassie Pollard, Corey Jensen, Caitlyn Knowles and Sarah Lewis.


Annaleise Curtis won the Year 9 poetry prize for her emotive poem about the pressure of physical perfection facing young people today.

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‘Society Insists’

"The thing with broken clocks
is you can always tell
when they stopped ticking;

With people it isn't so easy,
and sometimes
you can't even tell that
they're broken".

"I'm fine".

It's easy to say those two words,
it’s easy to say they're true;
and it gets easier
for others to believe it
because they don’t know you.

Imagine if
people didn't have to feel this way,
they woke up saying
"I look nice",
instead of
"my face..
just doesn't pay the price".

Look what society
has turned us into;
we can't even look in the mirror
without pointing out every flaw.

But until the next "perfect body"
has made its way
to the top of the list,
we'll keep trying to achieve this
"hourglass" body -
Because Society insists.

-By Annaleise Curtis