Beenleigh Historical Village - Stage 2

beeleigh historicalhistorical 4historical 3On Wednesday last week we went to Burleigh Historical Village. It was so much fun. We went to the old school, jail, and museum and movie room. I loved the museum the most because it had old dolls, medical bed and a big bell. I learnt that in the old days they did not have the technology we have now.  It was the best excursion I’ve ever been had. Also I learnt that if you were naughty you would get smacked with the cane. The cane is a bamboo stick that is thick like a branch from a palm tree. The school has a big bell like the museum. When it rights that means you come in a to a class and work for the 6 hours. Also they did not have any shoes to wear. They went to school bear food and they wore suspenders, and dress pants.

A recount by Tyson Erich , Year 3

Last week we went on an excursion to Beenleigh Historial Village in QLD. My favourite part of the excursion was when we went to the wood works and I got a piece of wood. I learnt that chopping wood is very, very, very hard even when there is two people, it is still very hard.

A recount by Izabella Beadling, Year 3