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The Pacific Coast Difference

A Christian school community providing a safe, nurturing and caring community for Prep to Year 12

At Pacific Coast Christian School, we help your child fulfil their education and develop their whole self as a unique creation of God.

Christian Community

Our nurturing, safe, supportive and caring community that promotes Christian values help students of all ages flourish.

Excellence in Education

Pursuing excellence in teaching, learning and serving from Prep to Year 12 defines our Christian staff.

Biblical Worldview

Curriculum learning is interwoven with a Biblical worldview, affirming the relevance of God in every aspect of life.

Learning Opportunities

Enrichment and support programs, onsite agricultural studies, specialised subjects through our online learning platform and extra-curricular opportunities.

Holistic Development

Focusing on the whole person is our priority, supporting academic, spiritual, emotional and physical growth whilst nurturing individual God-given gifts.

Middle School

We support students in Years 5-8 to transition smoothly from single-teacher classes to Senior School for an independent learning environment.

From our Principal

A Shared Journey

We value our partnerships with parents and carers in raising children. Building meaningful partnerships, empowers students to reach their full potential, embrace God’s love, discover their unique purpose and make wise life choices.