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Team Building

Sports for all: Pacific Coast offers a broad range of sporting opportunities for students of all ages and abilities. Sporting horizons expand from the classroom to State-level sports.

Students wearing various sport uniforms
Netball competition

Beneficial To All

Active and engaging Physical Education classes are conducted every week for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Physical activity is encouraged whilst development movement concepts, teamwork, coordination skills and communication. We help students discover their new skills and grow their inherent talents.

 We offer a diverse sports program of individual and team-based sports including gymnastics, futsal, athletics, netball, swimming, basketball, soccer, touch football and tennis.



Sports Pathways

Sports pathways are provided by the Christian Schools Sport Association and Combined Independent Schools enabling your child to compete at a State level in a variety of sports. Options include athletics, cross country, Futsal, netball, swimming, soccer and touch football and are available to Years 4-12 students. Selectors attend trials and gala days where they nominate students or whole teams to compete at CSSA events.

Discovering talent: Selectors attend gala days and trials to seek out students and teams to compete in CSSA events. Successful competitors have the opportunity to be chosen for CIS tournaments.

Student in pool at school swimming carnival

School Houses

Being part of school houses enhances the sense of belonging for our students and creates a healthy approach to competition, encouraging students to achieve their best. Students learn comradery, endurance, loyalty, collaboration, and resilience in teams.

Our School Houses are Muller - Red, Elliot - Blue, Slessor - Green and Carmichael – Yellow (named after missionaries who faithfully served God).

Athletics carnival

In Community

We understand that holistic development of students includes competitive sports and physical activity which leads to better health. Students from K-12 discover their God-given giftings and learn to master their sporting skills and aim for their personal best. Sport as an activity of community encourages students to have a common goal, respect others, cheer each other on and form working partnerships.