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Holistic Wellbeing

We place great value on nurturing every child by creating a secure and safe community where they are cared for extensively.

Wellbeing staff meeting with a student outside
Chaplain talking with a student

Specialist Support

We believe wellbeing is holistic. Empowering students through holistic care includes considering physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of children enabling them to thrive personally and academically. Children develop resilience as building blocks for life.

Our Chaplain, Counsellor and Pastoral Care staff foster a secure environment of inclusivity and kindness where students feel safe, valued and supported. Pacific Coast is part of the Pacific Group of Christian Schools and has access to all the resources and services of the Pacific Wellbeing team which widens the support we can offer our students.

We collaborate beyond the classroom through our partnerships with parents, carers and external agencies if needed.


Navigating challenges: Our Wellbeing Team supports students in social interactions, conflict resolution, communication and building positive connections.

Friends helping to tie their shoe

Stress Management

Unhealthy stress levels can emerge when students face academic, relationship and other external pressures. Academic pressures, relationships and other external factors can contribute to students experiencing unhealthy stress levels. Our team provides a strong support network to nurture the holistic development of every child by working closely students and their families.

Friends talking with each other

Mental Health

We understand that children of any age can experience mental health issues. Our Counsellor and Chaplain appreciate how important early intervention and prevention are to mental health. Students can discuss their concerns and receive guidance in a safe environment. We collaborate with mental health professionals when needed to seek appropriate help for our students and to ensure their wellbeing.