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Holistic Development

Diverse co-curricular programs: in the classroom, creative arts, sports, community engagement. Pacific Coast nurtures, challenges, and engages students to excel. We encourage students to explore their interests and talents through tailored development activities.

Pacific Coast choir practice
Student band practice

Coast Enrichment Programs

Students can showcase knowledge, critical thinking, academic excellence beyond the curriculum. Pacific Coast offers opportunities for students to participate in prestigious events: World Scholars Cup, Math Olympiad, Premiers Reading Challenge, and Australian Schools Competitions (ICAS).

Coast Creative

Onsite Music Lessons: Students discover the joy of music through Coast Creative. Experienced tutors offer piano and guitar lessons as one-on-one sessions within school hours.

Coast School Musicals: Our captivating Coast musicals run every two years where students from Junior-Senior School showcase their God-given talents and passion for performing arts. We have proudly presented "My Rock," "Life is Good," "Annie," "Hairspray Junior," and "Seussical."

Learning to play the clarinet

Coast Clubs

Lunchtime and After-school Clubs: students connect with like-minded peers through our Coast Clubs: Chess Club, Tennis, Basketball, Homework Club, Kindness Club, Gymnastics, Dance, and more; a club for every student. Please note that clubs are subject to change based on the time of the year and student interest.

Chess Club


Unlocking the benefits of sports for students. Opportunities to compete as individuals or as part of a team at off-campus local, regional, and state level sporting events.

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Prioritising service helps develop student leaders who love serving Jesus and others. We teach students about community and service by supporting different organisations through various programs, allowing students to contribute, make a positive impact, and develop a heart for compassion.